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Will's Pro Custom Manufacturing • 4920 Northeast Parkway • Fort Worth, TX 76106 • 817.534.6009

Wills Pro Custom Manufacturing has the experience and capabilities required to meet the sheet metal fabrication needs of large and small customers alike. With over  100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, and a significant investment in new equipment technology over recent years. We provide manufacturing engineering support, outstanding customer service, consistent product quality, and on-time delivery. We can expedite prototypes in 3-5 days and production quantities in two weeks are typical.

Our custom sheet metal fabrication processes utilize state of the art CNC, turret punches, press brakes, and are linked to a centralized CAD/CAM program. When combined with our experienced engineering staff, this helps us supply customers with precision parts and assemblies, on time, every time.

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  • Work with you to develop your product ideas - including ways to improve OE parts.

  • Prototypes – capability of producing a single prototype as well as setting up full-scale assembly and production runs.

Product Idea Development

  • Custom parts either from your drawings or from models or mock-ups
    Reverse-engineered from sample parts or we will work from prototypes made of wood, paper, cardboard or other materials.

  • Determine the best materials for the application
    Determine the most cost effective method of production to provide you with the most cost-effective solution to your parts needs.

  • Precision manufacturing and assembly whether a single part or mass production is required.


Examples of some of our innovative projects include…

  • Developed a proprietary process for distortion-free bending of steel tubing.

  • Customer brings a sample part and tells us how the new one is to be made demonstrating the finished part with a clothes hanger.

  • Customer makes a soft design of wood, paper or cardboard and we make drawings and metal prototypes to meet his expectations. We then progress into manufacturing - assembly cycle.


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Some of the many precision processes we are capable of providing include.

• Shearing
• Sawing
• Punching
• Drilling
• Milling
• Turning
• Grinding
• Threading
• Tapping
• Brake forming
• Tube forming
• Rolling
• Deep drawing
• Wire forming
• Mig welding all alloys
• Tig welding all alloys
• Spot welding carbon steels and some alloys
• Deburring
• Finish grinding and sanding
• Straightening and flattening.

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  • Materials
    • Full Range of low and high carbon steels
    • Tempered and annealed spring carbon steels
    • Tempered and annealed stainless steels
    • Tempered and annealed aluminum, brass and copper
    • Titanium
    • Plastics
    • Polymers

  • low and high carbon steels

  • spring steels

  • stainless steel

  • aluminum

  • brass

  • copper

  • titanium

  • plastics

  • polymers

  • and more...