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Will's Pro Custom Manufacturing has successfully  developed industry-specific processes to manufacture custom products designed to meet the demanding requirements of industry standards. We can meet the standards for your industry as well.
Will's Pro Custom Manufacturing • 4920 Northeast Parkway • Fort Worth, TX 76106 • 817.534.6009
Will’s Pro Custom has successfully created specialty products for the oil industry including the invention of a process to produce an efficient, precision hole pattern.
Will’s manufactures
  • Cost-effective twisted and straight charge holders.
  • Down hole perforating products

Will’s Pro Custom is a sub-contractor for an OE manufacture of a major line of printing presses. Besides OE parts for the manufacturer, we also produce serviceable replacement parts for a variety of presses in the printing industry.

Will’s has the capability of reproducing parts of equal or better quality for the printing press industry. Service parts are normally available in stock and if not are produced quicker than the OE manufacturer can.

Printing press service companies rely on Wills for prompt supply of quality parts for the industry.
Specializing in
• Spring Steel blades
• Guards
• Fluid Reservoirs and Guards

A variety of specialty brackets, covers and weldments are manufactured to demanding military specifications. Including…

• Case construction that is consistent and stress-free
• Edges deburred so as not to crack during forming
• Guards and brackets
• Specialty seat frames of bent tubing
• Covers and frames
• Furniture

Wills produces parts for air compressors, severe service pumps, vacuum cleaners, the electrical industry and others. We are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to meet special requirements in your industry as well. Some of the specialty parts we manufacture include

• Close tolerance stainless steel bearing races for pumps
• Spring Steel parts
• NEMA electrical enclosures
• OSHA guards and brackets